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How Bulwark is aiming to be the Future of POS/Masternode based Cryptocurrencies.

The concept of rewarding network contributors through a masternode came into existence with Dash. But Dash with its pre-mine issues left room for a more user-friendly, private and community savvy platform, a space Bulwark seems to fill in. And here’s why we believe it is the future of Masternode based cryptocurrencies.

An in-depth look at Bulwark

Work on Bulwark began in December 2017 (yup, just when the prices were soaring) and while you may come for the masternode, you’ll stay for more.

As their whitepaper states, Bulwark aims to improve on the foundation laid by the predecessors by integrating new technologies to develop tools and opportunities where Bulwark can be used in real-life platforms.

In short, there are looking to step it up a notch and 3 steps taken towards that include:

A Secure Home Node

Okay, so you know masternodes are the primary attraction for Bulwark and that’s why with the Secure Home Node, the Bulwark team has made setting up master nodes a breeze. These are available for just $100 at the Bulwark online store (payment accepted only in BWK Tokens) and help you set up a masternode within minutes.

But make sure you have a stable internet and a power outlet around. Apart from that, you’ll also need 5000 BWK tokens as collateral to just get started with the masternode.

The Hardware Wallet

While we agree the Ledger Nano has been one of the top-selling hardware wallets (and for good reason), most experts will tell you that they find its closed source nature a major drawback.

And that’s where Bulwark wants to leave its mark. As most community members will tell you, for Bulwark, community participation is of utmost importance and thus it’s no surprise that the Bulwark wallet is an open source wallet (expect some really handy updates and fixes coming from the community for this one).

Home Router

With cryptocurrencies, privacy is always at the forefront and so is the case with Bulwark. The Onion Router (TOR) plays an important role in helping maintain user-privacy as all the traffic is routed through the TOR or the I2P network so you can enjoy the benefits of the Home node without any compromises.

How to get started?

Become a Team member

Whether you’re a blogger, a Youtuber or a marketer, you can always help promote Bulwark to your followers via an article or a featured video. But if you really want to get in on the action, you can look for an opportunity in their core development or marketing team.

Stake some coins

The proof of stake protocol works like a charm. You become a miner by simply staking your coins from any private wallet and, in return, get rewarded with BWK tokens. The POS protocol is used to validate transactions plus you do not need additional hardware so there are no exorbitant electricity bills either.


If you’ve got the 5000 BWK Tokens (worth $4000 currently), setting up a masternode takes no more than 10-15 minutes even if you’re not a developer. Most of the details can be found on the Bulwark site. As of now, ROI stands at %160 so you earn back the 5000 BWK tokens in about 8 months. Also, considering at the peak, the masternodes cost $70,000 or more, it’s surely a bargain.


Whether investing in Bulwark or any other crypto, only invest the money that’s dispensable. Sure, you could be a millionaire in a month or 2 or maybe even overnight but you could just as well lose it all too. Stay safe, invest wisely.

Source Article: Privacy is the Future of CryptoCurrencies — is this the next Best Privacy Focused POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

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