– Most investors better off holding bitcoin with no fees.
– nCent Labs is a Stanford/MIT/Google startup developing a new blockchain to create incentive markets
–  nCent blockchain to reward people for collaborating together, baked in virality to how the token works

Kapil KK Jain, prominent NRI quant fund manager and Stanford University Computer Science professor made the comments at hacksummit.org which is the top online conference for top blockchain developers. Jain has announced $10MM USD funding round for his company, nCent Labs (nCent.io) led by prominent investors: Sequioa, Naval Ravikant, MetaStable, SV Angel, Jerry Yang, Winklevoss Capital, ZhenFund and many others…

nCent Labs
website – https://ncent.io/
Telegram – https://t.me/ncent
Medium – https://medium.com/@kk_ncnt
Twitter – https://twitter.com/kk_ncnt

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